Update: Future Plans

Hello all!

I haven’t been writing on here in a while, and I know. Laziness, I guess. Anyway, I wanted to keep any readers out there up to date on some current projects and ideas that I have in the mix. First, my wife and I are moving next week, so I probably won’t be posting much (if anything at all ) on here until after that move. But we have decided that once things are up and running at the new place, we’ll start doing a series of posts. The way this will work is my wife will give me three words – they could be objects, people, places, or ideas – and then I will write a story based around those three words. This story will be posted on the site. This won’t be every day, but maybe every two or three days so that a steady stream of posts will be flowing onto the site. Also, I have a project I’m currently working on and contemplating that will be a mystery/thriller/detective story. I haven’t written anything solid yet, but I have been sketching some key plot points and ideas in my notebook. Maybe in a month or so that story will be on here for some critiquing. Anyway, that’s all that ‘s going on right now. Thanks for reading!


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