Saving the Cattle On a Thousand Hills: One Christian’s View of Environmentalism



3 thoughts on “Saving the Cattle On a Thousand Hills: One Christian’s View of Environmentalism

  1. daniel says:

    So basically,

    You make a great point near the end of your essay. It’s a contradiction to say that we’re not important or special in the biosphere, but then ask/demand that we change our natural way of making life easier for ourselves.

    As long as environmentalism doesn’t trump the gospel, and remains something for us to do in response to the gospel, then i think it’s completely fine, it’s when it becomes ultimate or perverts what we know to be true that i see it being a real hindrance to our living.

  2. Yeah, that’s part of what I was trying to say. I think there is room in Christianity for environmentalism. However, that is not the same as saying that there is room for Christianity in environmentalism. We should take care of the Earth, but not because it is sacred in itself. What compels us (or should, I think) to protect and replenish the environment is that it is the property and creation of God, and that one of His commands is to be stewards of the Earth. I think a full biblical ethic includes stewarding the Earth. Incidentally, I just wrote a paper for my Environmental Ethics class entitled “The Inability of Animals to Possess Rights – and Why It Doesn’t Matter.” I argued in it that humans have duties toward animals based on the type of being we are (moral), but that this does not mean animals have rights. I think you’d like it. ALSO: I posted this because I am in the planning stages of my first novel, which is going to be about environmentalism and what I perceive to be its dangers.

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