What are they to me,
the words of old poets
and dead philosophers,
if the internal constancy
of life maintains itself?

Confucius says:______
but what does it matter
if yin
and yang
must be eternally balanced?

The system is closed ?
Then there is no meaning.
The dog barks.
The flowers bloom.
The sun burns.
The people breathe.
Until the sun burns out
and turns cold and the
Earth dissolves into
particulate nothing
and no amount of
spaceships can save us
but just prolong
the inevitable.

And the galaxy sucks
itself in
– a vortex –
and the universe follows
‘til the spinning
mass becomes a point
so infinitesimal,
so pointless,
and all the weight
of all the worlds
in all the universe
presses in, and
Nothing left to bark or bloom,
Nothing left to burn or breathe,

no one to drive the car


One thought on “Homeostasis

  1. I suspect that, should the universe prove to have a purpose, its purpose will be itself (from the Big Bang onward; its various manifestations, forms of organization, the play of forces-fields-matter-the whole lot of it). But I tend to lean toward Eastern mysticism as an ontological foundation for Being, so I’m inclined to think this way.

    Of course, I’m just one little bipedal language-using hominid, so there are hard-stop limits to what, exactly, I can know. Maybe, when the end comes, I’ll be surprised (if I am anything at all).

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