Job Searching and More!


So as many of you may know, my family just moved back to the coast so that Megan can do an internship at a hospital there, and thus complete her Master’s degree and start being my Sugar Mama. These little writings I do – brilliant as they may be – do not pay very well. For the past couple weeks, I have been on the hunt for employment with little success. However, I’m pleased to announce that this week I have been told of a position that just opened up at Bally Refrigeration (and for which I am first on the list to interview… though I haven’t yet received the call) and have been confirmed for an interview on Friday at the same hospital at which Megan will be working. So things are moving along.

In other news, I am submitting a story of mine to the Georgia Review tomorrow. Though I probably will not be accepted, this is a big step for me. Normally I am too uptight about “succeeding” with my writing that I don’t submit stuff, so this is a good step in learning the whole process and (inevitably) how to cope with rejection. These are things that, if statistics are to be believed, I will need to figure out if I am going to remain sane and still seek publication.

Other than that, I am reading some wonderful literature (Umberto Eco’s Foucault‘s Pendulum and Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles) and am planning on writing a poem on the similar themes and repeated phrases in them. There are more than one might think. So much so that I was creeped out at first. Also, we are still trying to get funds and paperwork sorted out for The Sead Magazine, but rest assured that I have not forgotten about  it.

And I’ve saved the best for last: I am roughly 1/4 of the way through the Dwarf Story (which still doesn’t have an acceptable title). I’ve written 10.6 thousand words so far out of what I estimate to be a final total of between 35 and 40 thousand. As far as the plot goes, I only have a handful of major events that have to happen in this first installment (it’s the first of a trilogy) but I plan on spending a lot of time with those handful of developments. Hopefully that time will be spent worldbuilding and making stuff more sensible to the reader.

Oh yeah, Asher has stood up by himself a few times! Which means walking is probably just around the corner. He’s long had the physical ability to do this, but he gets too psyched out to not be holding onto our legs or the table, etc. Anyway, those are the developments around the Candelario world.

Mike out.

(p.s.: I put out a call for more questions from the audience on Twitter. I have received some good ones, but if you have any feel free to leave them in the comment section, tweet back to me, or ask them on Facebook.)


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